Hillary’s, It’s Another Right Wing Conspiracy


Oh no not again. Haven’t we heard this before, its another “the right-wing attack machine.”

With 19 months to go before the elections and no opponent in sight, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign is nonetheless warning her political supporters that she is the prime target of “the right-wing attack machine.”

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    One Response to “Hillary’s, It’s Another Right Wing Conspiracy”

    1. Chris_Bliss on April 1st, 2005 11:13 pm

      Hillary Clinton is living proof that stupidity will trump talent everytime. She has got to be one of the most brilliant women in political history. How else can you go from hog calling contests in Pine Bluffs Arkansas, to the White House, to being one of the top 5 most powerful Senators in your first term.

      Unfortunately..or fortunately for Republicans, SHE HAS NOT LEARNED HOW TO SHUT HER FRIGGIN TRAP. She was doing well doing the Macarena to the right, by ducking, dodging, twisting and turning to the right of Republicans on some gimme issus like immigration, and faith. Then she reminds everyone how the right will attack her (which means she is on the left), and all her dirty laundry is about to be aired.

      Liberals are good at whining about smear campaigns when all of their dumb deeds become public…As far as she is concerned, we should be so lucky.

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