Terri Schiavo Has Passed Away. God Rest Her Soul


10:00 EDT: Just in from Fox News … Terri Schiavo has passed away in her Florida Hospice. After a a 14 day battle against starvation and dehydration, Terri has passed on.

Family representatives confirm brain-damaged woman passed away in Florida hospice; parents were denied access to daughter’s bedside in final hours

God Bless you, Theresa Marie Schiavo. You are in much better hands now than you were just an hour ago. God take care of you & bless you.


More here from CNN

More from Wizbang including a nice photo tribute.

I am actually almost unable to express my views on this matter because I am personally astounded that with all the media attention, all the questionable issues with this case, all that was right and wrong that Terri was abandoned by those in this country that are supposed to be there to protect her. Lorie at PoliPundit expresses exactly the same thought,

I find it almost impossible to believe that with the support of both Republicans and Democrats, with worldwide media attention and with access to both state and federal court systems, Terri’s family was not able to save their daughter.

I too, must sit back and reflect on my feelings regarding this matter. God bless you Terri, and may peace be with you, your family and friends and all the people who have supported you and been your voice along the way.

UPDATE: My buddy James Hudnall has a great perspective on the matter and since I border on sorrow and anger right now I may have to defer to his well written and thought out point.

Go to Michelle Malkin very a very nice post on Terri. Nice touch.

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Deceased, Terri Schindler Schiavo | 22 comments

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    22 Responses to “Terri Schiavo Has Passed Away. God Rest Her Soul”

    1. Another Rovian Conspiracy - St Wendeler on March 31st, 2005 10:30 am

      Theresa Marie Schiavo (nee Schindler), R.I.P.

      Although we’ve been shouting about the absurdity of the Catch-22 that Terri Schindler-Schiavo found herself in, she finally has succumbed to her husband’s cruelty. Unfortunately, our focus and passion on saving her life was inconsistent, peaking only…

    2. Another Rovian Conspiracy - St Wendeler on March 31st, 2005 10:37 am

      Theresa Marie Schiavo (nee Schindler), R.I.P.

      Sorry about error in previous Trackback!

      Although we’ve been shouting about the absurdity of the Catch-22 that Terri Schindler-Schiavo found herself in, she finally has succumbed to her husband’s cruelty. Unfortunately, our focus and passion on s…

    3. » Blog Archive » R.I.P. on March 31st, 2005 10:51 am

      [...] ETARY CLEANING SERVICE R.I.P. God Rest her Soul… UPDATE: My sentinments exactly. This entry was posted on Thursda [...]

    4. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 11:30 am

      Why would Michael Schiavo let them in? So they could try to stuff twinkies in her mouth? The Schindlers are a disgrace. I feel bad that their daughter is dead, but perhaps they should have spent their final days with her…instead of in court or in Tallahassee or parading in front of the cameras.

      The Christian nutjob and bleeding heart brainless circus is over. Luckily, Terri didn’t have to witness any of it. Now that the radical rightwing has shown such a great love of the disabled/incapacitated as well as the Medicaid program, I would expect future budgets and legislation to reflect heavy increases in social spending. I would also expect Conservatives to open their arms to embryonic stem cell research, where real miracles may exist and people just like Terri might be saved from such a nightmare. Furthermore, I would expect the Save Terri Crowd to be at the doorstep of every medical facility and home in America where feeding tubes are removed every single day w/o Living Wills. Shame on those who sent their children to get arrested…..shame on those who camped out in front of Hospice while not caring at all about the inconvenience to the families of the OTHER patients inside….shame on the president for turning Air Force One around on a late Sunday night to sign ‘Save Terri’ legislation while years earlier he supported a guardian’s right to pull the plug when no Living Will is available….shame on those who gleefully supported a war in which thousands of innocents died but joined the Save Terri movement in the name of politics. Shame on those that spread lies….the Hannitys and Scarboroughs and Rush Limbaughs and Peggy Noonans who knew not a single fact about the case and who couldn’t tell a Nobel Prize Nominee from a fat doctor with a beard. Shame on those who support the sanctity of marriage, but slandered Michael Schiavo for carrying out his duties as spouse and guardian. If God wasn’t ready for Terri, he would’ve created a miracle for her AFTER the feeding tube was removed. But the facts are he was ready for her 15 years ago. I hope she is peaceful now and we can talk about something more important, like Jeff Gannon.

    5. Red on March 31st, 2005 12:04 pm


      Maybe someday when you grow up you will come to understand that other people have a right to differ with your opinion without being called names. The “right wing nut jobs” as you would call them must be people like Tom Harkin (D), Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Senators in Washington, DC that all kept silent when they had an opportunity to speak their mind. This issue crossed Party lines, I am sorry if you do not understand that politics does not alway play out as black & white as you would perceive.

      It is an amazing concept that I guess people like yourself only think that those causes you believe in are worth protesting or voicing an opinion. That is the reason why the Democratic Party is 0 foe 3 in the last elections. Unlike the tolerant left, we have no problem debating the issues without feeling the need to shout people down, heckle them or throw pies at them.

      There used to be a time when the Left actually could intellectually debate an idea without resorting to name calling and personal attacks. Those days are long gone and so is their power.

      I have no issue with your opinion as wrong as I think it is. To treat a person who has no voice to defend themselves like a piece of property is a kin to the days of slaves and slave masters. If we can pass laws in this country that give teenagers the right to have an abortion without parental consent because there is a fear of abuse; then how can this case not be any different?

      If the Courts in this country are going to make subjective rulings that people are not allowed to live because they have no value then you better start opening up the prisons and cleaning out the death rows and lifers w/o parole. What functional purpose do they serve? What rehabilitation will they have as they will never leave prison. Then I guess we best go in the nursing homes and get all the Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. There are 35,000 people in this country in similar circumstances as Terri, I guess you must feel they should die too? The difference is in many cases its a family decision.

      You have more issues son, than just Terri. Its too bad because I cannot imagine walking around from day to day with such hate in my heart. God forbid you are ever in the same set of circumstances. Do not speak for others that you know nothing of. You would condemn people for their beliefs but yet you are just as ignorant of those that you condemn.

      Anyway, God bless Terri and may she be at rest. May the peace of the Lord be with her and also with you.

    6. Tim on March 31st, 2005 12:10 pm

      Your not going to hear back from Kevin. He is on a plane to fly over and remove the Pope’s feeding tube.

    7. Red on March 31st, 2005 12:27 pm


      Somehow, I think you may be right.

      Freedom of speech is a great thing. It allows “right wing nut jobs” like myself to discuss with rational, open minded, tolerant people like Kevin.

      Funny Kevin would have to begin by using the word, “Christian” nutjobs. Guess without religion there is only hate.

    8. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 12:59 pm

      you’re a misguided soul Red.

    9. Red on March 31st, 2005 1:50 pm


      That is your opinion and you are allowed that opinion. Do not tell others how they must feel or throw hate filled “lump” everyone together as some form of “nutjob” group.

      How is that misguided? Please inform me how making sure one’s wishes are 100% certain is a bad thing? If you obviously have understood from the post above, hyperbole was used for affect.

      I do not believe that all circumstances are the same. I do not believe that life support is a feeding tube. If you did know me and the circumstances I have encountered in my life you would understand my view on this. Life is easy when things are cut and dry, its the gray that makes it difficult.

      Hearsay evidence should never be used in such a case. Its the reason why there are only “exceptions to the hearsay” rule; this was not nor should never have been one. When one is told to use a certain threshold of proof, that is what one is supposed to do.

      The idea that you would call me misguided but make the following comment,
      “Why would Michael Schiavo let them in? So they could try to stuff twinkies in her mouth?,” I think discredits you from the right to call anyone misguided.

      The fact that there was a family willing to care for her no matter what her condition was should have made Michael walk away and let them care for Terri. Instead he claims he was doing what she wished and that only happened after 7 years of not doing what Terri wished and after receiving the malpractice award. The fact that he moved on with his life with another woman and had children further should have made Michael walk away from Terri as well. In effect that is what he did, except giving up the guardianship and CONTROL. I do not blame Michael for moving on, but he should have done so completely. How could anyone not have ulterior motives when in order to marry the second wife the first must die?

      If you do not think that such things take place or enter people’s minds we just need to look back and see what Scott Peterson did. Then again for Michael Schiavo not to have allowed the Schindler family in when Terri died is unconscionable. There comes a time to put the weapons down.

      If its so misguided to actually err on the side of life over death then so be it. With the comments you are so free to throw out there I would look in the mirror before making them. But somehow Kevin I doubt whether I will lose any sleep over you calling me misguided.

    10. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 2:04 pm

      The parents should have stayed away from the cameras and the courtrooms and spent time with their daughter. This was their life…they ate this carnival up and now they have no lives. You don’t selfishly keep someone alive for 15 years….no matter what. Thats too long. They threw her drooling face up on TV and took away her dignity. Michael Schiavo has been at her bedside for all 15 years….never once ignored her. He wanted to be with his wife at her passing. We cannot prance around from hospital to hospital getting involved with end of life decisions. We must respect whoever the guardian is….whoever someone CHOSE to marry. Her parents supported the wedding and in turn, supported him receiving guardianship of her. End of story. Is he perfect? Not by a longshot, but he sure as hell ain’t Scott Peterson like some say.

    11. Red on March 31st, 2005 2:34 pm

      Never once ignored her? Kevin, unless you are Michael’s brother you are only believing one side of the story and drinking the same cool aide that you claim that others are.

      I do not pretend to know Terri, Michael or Terri’s family. However, you are acting as the same judge, jury and executor that you are claiming the Schindler family is. My point is one in general, not specific to Terri Schiavo. You do not kill an innocent person, convicted of no crime on hearsay evidence. If one wants to put a value on a human life then we need to question why we are spending so much money to keep people alive. Why do we spend money on death row inmates to keep them alive 5 days before we execute them? Why do we spend billions on elderly people in nursing homes who have no chance of quality of life?

      Of course the Schindler’s probably supported Michael remarrying. Key word, REMARRYING!. That would require a follow me … DIVORCE. That in turn would have, follow me again … CHANGE OF GUARDIANSHIP. I fully understand why Michael may have wanted to move on and Terri’s parents were probably gracious enough to overlook that little marriage vow about, “Til Death do us past”. That does not make either side bad. However, when Michael moved on with another women, he should have done just that, 100%. I, personally am trying to figure out what woman on earth basically allows her husband to dote over his first wife and act as is he is still emotionally attached to her. That aside, he should have just walked away.

      He is not Scott Peterson in the literal sense only in the comparison that in order for Michael Schiavo to rid himself of Terri and move on with his life without getting a divorce, Terri had to die. Nothing more, nothing less. As Laci Peterson’s mom said in court, “Divorce was always an option”.

      These types of situations are difficult as I went thru it myself with my mother. Here is a news flash for you, I am the only family member who respected my mother’s DNR as they entire family fought it. It was not worth it as you pay your respects do what you can and move on. That is the right thing.

      There are exceptions to every law and the idea that you think the Congress got involved for the sake of it is misguided. There is a flaw in the guardianship laws and this case exposed it front and center. Congress, the FL Gov and GWB were asked by the family for help as the Courts of this country abandoned them. It wasn’t the first time and certainly will not be the last. Courts are not always right and judges seldom.

      Let’s just say this … Any guardian who lives with another woman and fathers 2 children with that woman while still married to a woman like Terri and makes decisions to kill her after a malpractice court settlement was awarded should never be left as the decision maker because there is a complete and total conflict of interest. Michael benefits by the death of another. If you cannot see that simple fact, oh well. If this were a business transaction Michael would have been in direct violation of conflict of interest.

    12. Mrs. Red on March 31st, 2005 2:40 pm

      I don’t call having a live-in girlfriend and two new children being at Terri’s bedside exactly. BTW, in most states aldutery is STILL considered fault grounds. As for Scott Peterson AND Micheal Schiavo as “they” say….. Divorce is always an option.

    13. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 2:56 pm

      Red, you said “You do not kill an innocent person, convicted of no crime on hearsay evidence.” So you believe when a family removes a feeding tube for someone with no Living Will that they are murderers, killing them? That’s what you are saying. This happens every day in America…it’s called end of life decisions and they often involve family disputes.

      I think its important to remember that for 13 of the past 15 years Michael Schiavo fathered NO children. Lets give the guy a break….his role as guardian is to make these decisions. Not George Bush’s role.

      The courts abandoned them??? Come on, youre being ridiculous. How many courts did they go through? It’s called the law…the courts sided with the law. That is actually their job – to decide things.

    14. Red on March 31st, 2005 3:20 pm


      When I say the Courts I am more referring to the law. If a law is written in such a manner it does not matter what or how many Courts one goes to. I think we both know that there have been many laws of property and ownership in this country that were archaic and have been changed since.

      However, the State & Federal Courts after Congress had actually passed a law completely disregarded it. I deal in health care Kevin, I know what goes on every day and how families react. All I would have asked in this case would have been that a fresh set of eyes looked at this case and new evidence was allowed to be entered as the law stated. I am far from a conspiracy individual.

      “It’s called the law…the courts sided with the law. That is actually their job – to decide things.” No Kevin, the Courts interpret, they do not decide. They are also supposed to use certain standards of proof. Just as a Judge charges a jury, the Congress charges a judge with what they are and are not allowed to do. Judges simply ignoring such standards is wrong.

      As I have said, I do not know Michael, Terri or the family and do not pretend to. We error on the side of life with convicted rapist and killers. The least that could have been done without the full knowledge of Terri’s wishes was the same. That was not too much to ask. Its really that simple. When there is a dispute and too many convenient stories (I will admit on both sides), error on the side of life.

      The least we can do is treat innocent people who are only guilty of having an unfortunate accident with the same treatment as a convicted killer. The reality is it should be more. Michael had to may conflicts to have been making the decisions for Terri in the end.

    15. Red on March 31st, 2005 3:23 pm


      By the way, what would your feelings have been if Terri did have a living Will that said she wanted heroic measures and life support no matter what?

      Would you feel that they were keeping her alive in vane and for no reason?

    16. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 3:35 pm

      Nope…If she has a Living Will and wanted to be kept alive via heroic measures, I would have supported her. But in the absence of a Living Will, I support whoever her guardian is – per the Florida statute. She entrusted Michael Shiavo to make this decision.

      7 years of court cases….from local to the Supreme Court…By “new” set of eyes, do you mean the “right” set of eyes?

    17. Red on March 31st, 2005 9:16 pm

      Nope you obviously do not understand how the law works. Once something has been caste in stone and courts are only ruling on the law and not the evidence it makes no difference how many Courts it goes to. The problem is that the Judicial system was given a separate and new set of guidelines by Congress and they ignored them. It does not matter what the issue is, the Judicial Branch does not have the right to ignore the laws that are given to them by elected officials. That is a problem. But its funny that Libs have no issue with unelected individual doing such things when it benefits them. One of these days that will change and the Left will be howling.

    18. Kevin on March 31st, 2005 11:03 pm

      The ignorance here is enjoyable…you amuse me.

      Lets start with facts. 1. The main judge in this case was ELECTED – a number of times.

      2. Judge Whittemore presided over a de novo trial (from scratch) and saw no new compelling evidence. He WAS A NEW SET OF EYES.

      Who cares anyway, she’s dead and I’m focused on America’s Next Top Model. I’ll just sit back and bask in the glory of Bush’s approval ratings.

    19. Red on April 1st, 2005 8:37 am


      Once again we love you intellectual liberals throwing around terms like ignorance. You just summed up in two sentences what you really thing of this entire matter. You should have not wasted your time trying to BS the situation and just wrote,

      “Who cares anyway, she’s dead and I’m focused on America’s Next Top Model. I’ll just sit back and bask in the glory of Bush’s approval ratings.”

      You could have cared less about a life, its about your hatred of a President that is just so stupid, he has run rings around your Party. You know everything does not have to be political 24-7 but I guess when you are apart of the Democratic Party, Politics is your religion.

      As I have said Kevin, I hope you never have a 12 year court case reviewed in 2 hours and you are told that is a “de nova” trial. I say this for your own sake having nothing to even do about Terri’s situation. Do not be so hateful and myopic about a situation just because you agree with the out come. You never know when your side or you personally may be directly affected.

      Since you really have no respect for anyone’s opinion that may differ from you and you think some how everyone else is ignorant of the fact, lets just agree to disagree.

      One little political tip. Democrats have been so wrong, so often because you are blinded by hate. I used to scream at Republicans when Clinton was in office for the same thing. However, you guys should have learned from those mistakes. Instead, you have 3 losses in a row and have no vision in sight. Your Party is actually going further left instead of comprehending what is going on. So be it. You all and Howard Dean just take the Porty down that road.

      Anyway, this post is about Terri. To show that this was done wrong, I guarantee there will be laws passed on State levels that sure up the guardianship loop holes and exceptions. Every law has them.

      It is sad that you bask in this victory of someone’s death because it is the only thing that you Party can claim. That’s something to be proud of. If I amuse you, I can’t tell you what that says to me.

    20. William on June 15th, 2005 8:48 pm

      With the autopsy now over, will all the people who were blind to the fact that Terry was mentally dead now finally get a clue, or are they still stuck in their religously bigoted view that she was to remain alive until God personally told them that it was ok to pull the plug.

      What pathetic parents and supporters she had. Sheesh.


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