What the Left Really Thinks of Terri Schiavo. Can Hate be More Ugly?


The Terri Schiavo story has been front and center for the better part of a month. The 15 year legal battle has endured. We have watched Terri’s parents recently try in vane to keep her alive and have a feeding tube reattached. However, motion after appeal after motion after appeal has been denied by all Courts. Whether you agree with the Schindler’s Family or with Michael Schiavo’s position that are certain things that should be considered off base by all sides.

It would appear that Northeast Liberals do not seem to agree. The liberal Northeast prides itself on being so intellectually superior than the rest of the illiterate Red States. Here is a perfect example of the over the top, rotten vitriol that is considered a badge of honor in the Great White North. What is most interesting from this brilliant author is the need to add a disclaimer prior to his Op/Ed for legal protection one would presume. Chris Elliott is a regular Op/Ed columnist for New Hampshire’s Portsmouth Herald, which speaks volumes of the political and moral discourse of the area. It would appear that all The Northeast has the market on is insensitivity and hate.

As previously stated whether you agree or disagree with the Right to Life or Death of Terri Schiavo somethings are beyond comment and attempted humor. This is one of those things.

After having read court documents, AP articles and news stories from numerous media outlets I am saddened and stunned to point out the following excerpts from this. Of course in true liberal 101 format it must begin with a typical attack on President Bush and go from there.

“But it’s important to remind ourselves that anyone can accomplish anything in America. If an illiterate nincompoop can get elected president one and a half times, and the King of Pop can show up to court in his pajamas and blame it on a bruised lung, then a person in a persistent vegetative state could have a great career in show business.”

“I propose setting it up in classic late-night talk show format. If investors are worried about long pauses, how about a sidekick ventriloquist dummy playing the role of Ed McMahon? I think one would prop up nicely on an atrophied arm, and lines could be delivered from sidestage.”

“With that enigmatic smile making her the ultimate straight man, she’s a gag writer’s dream, “Terri said to me, I haven’t had a bite all week … so I shoved a tube in her side!” Follow the joke with a long shot at the dreamy smile as the audience chuckles politely. “Terri’s guest tonight is a plate of cucumber salad. I’ll tell you what folks, unless that salad can stay fresh for 15 years, it’s in for a tough debate!”

“What’s that you say? Hey, that’s not nice, saying that if Ronald Reagan were still alive, he’d have Terri classified as a condiment.” Again a long shot at the dreamy smile.”

“Did you see that Terri?” the dummy says. “The cucumber salad moved. You missed it. There, it just moved again.”

“Now let’s hear from our orchestra,” the ventriloquist dummy says, “a boom box behind a cardboard cutout of Buddy Rich!” The “band” plays an up-tempo version of “I Like the Way you Move” by Outkast. ”

“Cut to commercial and listen to the cash register ring. You could have the new and improved Ronco Feeding Tube System as one of your sponsors.”

“Act now and you’ll also receive a shiny metal balloon inscribed with the inspirational message, “Get well soon.”

This is what the Left is proud of. This sad unfortunate situation which they consider a joke at the expense of a woman in a vegetative state. The Left has been trying to gain a victory over republicans since 2000 and it appears that they have found one they can be proud of to call their very own. If you feel so confident Mr Elliott about this Republican misstep maybe you would also like to explain why the entire Democratic Party in the US Senate dodged the issue?

Discretion is supposed to be used in delicate circumstances and any intelligent individual would think that this would be the opportunity. All but Chris Elliott, I guess.

Michelle Malkin provides more insensitive and tasteless material from the Left
Part I from Michelle can be found here.

More ugliness found by OTB

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