Is this the 911 of the “War of the Judiciary”


 9/11 brought in to focus the battle that had been raging with the Islamo-terrorists. Has the Sciavo case brought into focus the battle over who controls the rules of the land in America? The coming “War of the Judiciary”?

The legislature and the Executive branch make the law, while the  court makes sure the enforcement matches the letter of the law. In recent times the Judiciary has usurped the power of making law, by providing extreme interpretation and intent to the rule makers. These actions have been obvious to the the politically aware, and the main reason the Democrats have been fighting the President so hard over his appointments in the Senate.

This power grab has been under the radar of the majority of the populace, much as the bombings of the Cole and other terrorist acts were before 9/11/2001  When the World Trade Center was destroyed, it awoke our national consciousness to the fact that people were out there trying to destroy us. It is time that the general population is awaken to the risks of the judges.

Now I am not saying the Judiciary is out to destroy the country. But it has long been said in conservative circles that the democrats will try to implement policy through the courts if it will not go through the legislature. The Schiavo case is another example of how the 2 legislatures that have implemented law to this case. The Judiciary on both the state and federal level have willfully disregarded the legislatures.

I do not care where you come down in the debate of Terri Schiavo in this matter. The War of the Judiciary is much more important. I am sorry to the Schindler family to have to say that, just as I am sorry to the families of our soldiers families who gave their sons and daughters fighting for a noble cause.

George Bush is our best bet for fighting this battle and forcing the Judiciary back into it’s rightful place. Reading the law and making sure that it is enacted improperlyproperly. NOT INTERPRETING IT TO FIT A WORLD VIEW!

Support the President in this matter.

Our loyal opposition has been fighting this battle for a while, it is time for the people who rise up and defeat them in this battle.

Scott Ott captures this that with his brilliant satire.

Florida Coup: Gov. Bush and Legislators May Flee

(2005-03-24) — The interim ruler of Florida, former Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George Greer, today promised to appoint a new “people’s legislature” in the wake of a coup which overthrew Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida legislature.

While Gov. Bush and “pro-life” legislators have not yet fled Florida, helicopters are reportedly standing by.

Judge Greer suspended the Florida constitution and issued a declaration of ‘judicial law’ for the good of the people. His edict moves the official seat of government to his Pinnellas County courtroom.

The coup comes during a month in which Judge Greer twice overruled the governor and state legislature in order to carry out his decree to slowly execute Terri Schiavo, a woman who has come to symbolize the oppressive reign of Christian conservatives.

UPDATE: Rusty over at MyPetJawastrong> has a long post that he is updating regularly. He covers this down near the end.

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    3 Responses to “Is this the 911 of the “War of the Judiciary””

    1. Karl Maher on March 25th, 2005 12:13 am

      My Dear Monkey:

      Please do not leave this up to our President and Senate. They need your help. Please go to Vote for Judges, sign the petition, and become conversant in opening up a can of whupass on the Judiciary.

    2. Jeff Blogworthy on March 26th, 2005 5:55 pm

      “George Bush is our best bet for fighting this battle and forcing the Judiciary back into it’s rightful place. Reading the law and making sure that it is enacted improperly.”

      Shouldn’t you change that to *properly*?

    3. Tom on March 26th, 2005 9:04 pm

      Thanks Jeff! I wish there was a brain check added to the spell check.

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