Schiavo Bill Passed, Thank God


The House of Representatives has passed the Terri Schiavo Bill early this morning at approximately 12:AM. 218 members of the House were needed and a 2/3′s super majority were needed to pass.

Earlier today, the Senate unanimously passed the bill. The bill will be rushed to the President to be signed as he had come back to Washington, DC from Crawford, TX to sign this bill. This will bring the issue back to the Federal Courts for a determination of the reattachment of Terri’s feeding tube.

On a personal note I believe all the prayers and hard work of the faithful bloggers have made a great difference in making this come to fruition. Keep in mind the Senate Democrats did not dare try vote against it. From a personal stand point, our Senators offices were badgered for 3 days with emails and telephone calls asking to give Terri a chance.

The folks at PoliPundit have been commenting on this topic this evening. Special thanks to them and all for your hope and prayers for Terri. I must admit that up until a couple of months ago I was quite ignorant to this story. I have been so incensed by the treatment of Terri that this has become a personal crusade. I thank the many comments that I have read on PoliPundit as I have used the spirit of those many posts to fuel my conversations and emails to Representatives. Cudos to all.

Michelle Malken has a great overview of Terri’s situation. The Palm Sunday rescue, can it be any coincidence that this fight between good and evil is taking place during one of the most Holy times of the year?

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    2 Responses to “Schiavo Bill Passed, Thank God”

    1. madawaskan on March 21st, 2005 1:10 am

      Red ….Thank God!

    2. Red on March 21st, 2005 1:21 am

      You said it madawaskan. Good does triumph over evil. I just now pray that she gets a fair and impartial judge that actually values life over hearsay evidence.

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