Dean, Insert Foot In Mouth Again


Another week and another ridiculous embarrassing comment by Howard Dean, Democratic Party Chair. Until the Democratic Primaries take hold, Dean will be the face and voice of the Party. One only wonders whether the Democratic Party can survive with this hateful clown as Chair.

With all the focus this past week on Terri Schiavo’s plight Howard Dean saw fit to come out with this classless comment calling Republicans, brain dead.

One major reason his party lost the 2004 race to the “brain-dead” Republicans is that it has a “tendency to explain every issue in half an hour of detail,” Dean told the semi-annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, which brought about 150 members from Canada and 30 other countries to the Toronto for two days.

Could you imagine if A Republican made such a comment? Where is the MSM reporting that Dean made such a rotten comment? Its bad enough that Dean has already come out and said “he hated Republicans” but now he refers to them as brain dead. This is at best completely classless and insensitive to the Schiavo family who battle to save their daughter Terri from being starved to death as many in Dean’s Democratic Party refer tol her as brain dead. However, lets take this one step farther. Howard Dean is a physician. This is the kind of talk that a physician should be making? What kind of a human being is he?

Dean also went on to say “The Democrats, in fact, will try to copy the Republicans, who are masters at making their message stick.” Mr Dean, maybe you may want to copy Republicans also and have a heart and a brain also. It is truly despicable that you would use those words in a climate like today surrounded by the right to life struggle by Terri Schiavo.

One can only wonder what stupid insensitive comment will come out of your mouth next. Your venom would maybe taken more seriously if you were not such a clown.

Looks like the folks at Wizbang have noticed the Dean comment too.

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    One Response to “Dean, Insert Foot In Mouth Again”

    1. Scott Huminski on March 22nd, 2005 4:22 pm

      Howard Dean, Extortion, Bribes and other problems

      DNC Chair Howard Dean’s problems with the Bill of Rights, the Law and Ethics.

      In 1997 Howard Dean announced his desire to appoint judges willing to subvert the Bill of Rights or in Howard Dean lingo “legal technicalities”. Two judges appointed within months of Dean infamous 1997 statement have been found guilty of civil rights violations by a federal court in Manhattan. (fn1) Dean’s top appointee and lawyer, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell, was defense counsel for the corrupt government employees in this case where Sorrell has expended vast public funds to forward the goal of undermining the First Amendment in Vermont.

      To get a true feeling of the judicial and law enforcement climate fostered by Dean in Vermont, it is instructional to look at his # 1 Vermont appointee and life-long friend, William Sorrell. Dean owed a great debt to the Sorrell family for mentoring his ascent in Vermont politics. Dean’s first notable gubernatorial appointment in Vermont was to install Sorrell as Secretary of Administration in 1992. In 1997, it became time to thank the Sorrell family again and Dean attempted to appoint Sorrell as the chief justice of the Vermont Supreme Court. As Sorrell had no judicial experience, Dean’s zeal to appoint his favorite crony was met with a legislative roadblock. Dean had a backup plan, appoint the Attorney General to the Supreme Court and then appoint Sorrell to fill the Attorney General vacancy. All was well with Vermont Cronies. (fn2)

      In describing Sorrell, Dean was quite generous with his praise of his friend’s character and abilities, illustrating the nature of their relationship: “I have an enormous amount of respect for Sorrell as a human being and as a really smart lawyer.”

      A subordinate of Sorrell’s issued the following prosecutorial written threat in a Vermont state court proceeding,

      “The last claim involves a statement made to attorney Capriola warning that the defendant would be charged with additional crimes if he did not clam down. The statement is a reference to the defendant’s continued harassment of the victim and the investigating officer in this case through the court process. The defendant has filed a civil action against the victim because of his participation in this criminal case. The State is currently reviewing a contempt charge against the defendants because of this activity. The statement was a proper warning made through the defendant’s representative.”

      Sorrell approvingly has stood behind and defended the above threat which now has become part of a prosecutor’s toolbox in Vermont. The above threat is the epitome of the government’s coercive use of the power of criminal prosecution to influence and manipulate civil court proceedings tantamount to extortion and obstruction of justice concerning a matter before a federal court. Dean’s “really smart lawyer” and top appointee at work.

      Sorrell’s conduct doesn’t stop there, his subordinates followed up the above threat with a plea agreement that specified the dismissal and non-pursuit of civil lawsuits against the prosecutors themselves. The dismissal of a lawsuit is an item of monetary value benefiting Sorrell’s underlings — or to put it bluntly this conduct is tantamount to acceptance of a bribe by state prosecutors. Dean’s “really smart lawyer” strongly approved and defended the conduct. One can’t assign full responsibility concerning this government corruption to Dean’s friend alone because two of Dean’s hand-picked anti-”legal technicality” judicial appointees presided over and approved the government misconduct.

      Then there was the police shooting of Robert (“Woody”) Woodward in Brattleboro, Vermont in 2001. The massacre involved 7 shots from police revolvers fatally wounding Mr. Woodward – with some of the shots fired into his body while he was bleeding on the ground in the fetal position. Dean and Sorrell, both Police advocates, put the cover-up machine into gear. Sorrell authored a biased report overlooking much of the testimony and evidence. When Dean was asked to appoint a special independent investigator he backed up his old crony and stated that Sorrell was a “really smart lawyer”. One of Dean’s so-called “legal technicalities”, the Fourteenth Amendment, prohibits a biased decision-maker. Something as trivial as the Constitution didn’t stop Dean from deciding not to usurp his friend’s report by refusing to appoint an independent investigator regardless of his very public conflict-of-interest with Sorrell. Pursuant to the constitution, Dean should have disqualified himself. (fn3)

      Sorrell has lately kept busy in the courts fighting to keep Howard Dean’s gubernatorial records sealed. In light of the foregoing, one can only imagine what vile government conduct Sorrell and Dean are covering up in the sealed records lawsuit. Sorrell’s friendship with Dean is still costing the Vermont taxpayers thousands of litigation dollars and Dean’s “really smart lawyer” friend apparently flunked attorney ethics which prohibit Sorrell’s representation of Dean under attorney conflict-of-interest principles. (fn4)

      In Sorrell’s is in possession of a sworn transcript and audio tape of a major U.S. corporation’s quite illegal conduct constituting extortion and other crimes. To date, I have been unable to uncover the reason for Sorrell’s cover-up of the criminal enterprise set forth in the audio tape other than there clearly is a reason that is incompatible with any notion related to enforcement of the law. Also in this questionable category is Sorrell’s cover-up of an alcoholic beverage retailer’s activities who operated without federal or state licenses for 8 years during the Dean/Sorrell decade in 1990′s Vermont.

      It appears that neither Dean nor his lawyer crony have any respect for the Bill of Rights, ethical considerations or the rule of law when it doesn’t fit into their dubious agendas. Recently, Dean has labeled the members of an entire political party as “evil”. Perhaps Dean should look in the mirror and look at the condition he left Vermont in after a decade of his appointments prior to disparaging others. The man who said 95 percent of people charged with crimes are guilty anyway so why should the state spend money on providing them with lawyers should indeed criticize very carefully from his anti-constitutional corrupt glass house. (fn5)

      Scott Huminski

      111-2c Killam Court

      Cary, NC 27513






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