I Spoke Too Soon


Earlier today the Florida House of Representatives passed a bill that extended Terri Schiavo’s life by blocking the removal of a feeding tube. I made the ultimate mistake of asking what’s next?

The Florida House passed a bill 78-37 to block the withholding of food and water from patients in a persistent vegetative state who did not leave specific instructions regarding their care. But hours later, the Senate defeated a different measure 21-16, and one of the nine Republicans voting against indicated that any further votes would be futile.

“The bill is certainly not dead, but it does appear that they’re having some difficulty,” he said. “I’m just disappointed, but that’s their decision.”

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Daniel Webster, said he might withdraw the measure Friday.

The fact that law makers are acting in a manner that goes against the defense of the defenseless is disgraceful. A spouse should have the right to determine certain events but not when there is a conflict or extenuating circumstances. Michael Schiavo gave up any rights he had in making decisions regarding Terri when he decided to move on with his life and not only live with a new woman as man & wide but also have children. In any other circumstances a husband that cheats on his wife, lives with another woman and fathers children with a woman other than his wife is usually divorced. The sarcasm that our friends at ScrappleFace use in describing Michael’s actions would be overly funny if sadly it did not read more like the truth.

Critics of the efforts have accused Gov. Bush and the GOP of pandering to the religious right. Some have also questioned whether the campaign runs counter to Republican principles of less government and more freedom.” It is a sad day when protecting the rights of an individual who cannot communicate their wishes is considered pandering. I thought Democrats cared about the rights of the exploited, the helpless and the handicapped? Why are the Democrats worried that this case runs opposite of Republican small government values when they should be embracing it?

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it is a humane, protection of those who cannot help themselves issue. The Democrats once again find themselves protecting the rights of felons, providing choice for abortion but no choice to save Terri. President George W. Bush never said it any better:

“The case of Terri Schiavo raises complex issues,” he said. “Yet in instances like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life. Those who live at the mercy of others deserve our special care and concern.”

Further news on last minute efforts done by Michelle Malkin for Terri Schiavo. “AP reports on House Republican efforts to save Terri’s life before a 1pm deadline today.”

More on last minute attempts to save Terri via Wizbang. Its now up to the leaders in Washington, DC.

They have until 1:00 pm Friday before the tube is pulled. Let’s hope the Representatives in Washington, DC can find this more important than leaving early for Easter Break. They are supposed to defend the defenseless.

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    2 Responses to “I Spoke Too Soon”

    1. Scared Monkeys » Blog Archive » Judge With Some Common Sense on March 18th, 2005 2:07 pm

      [...] 20;What the U.S. Congress is saying is, `We want to see Terri Schiavo.’” For previous material and updates to the updates can be read here. This entry was posted [...]

    2. JWL on March 18th, 2005 7:28 pm

      Some people claim that Terri is in a coma. She isn’t, because she is awake.

      Some people claim that Terri is brain dead. Impossible, because she isn’t on any machines. The only “machine” she has is a feeding tube in her abdomen since she can’t eat. She is brain damaged, not brain dead.

      Some people claim that Terri will not be starved to death; she will just be “allowed to die” by being “denied nutrition”. Yep, it’s just like the euphemisms used for abortion. Make no mistake: TERRI IS BEING STARVED TO DEATH.

      Some people claim that this is a family decision to be made between husband and wife. That may be so in a termination of treatment case, but food and water is not medical treatment. This is EUTHANASIA, pure and simple. Terri is being actively killed by being denied basic nutrition.

      Some people claim that Michael Schiavo should have the decision to make, euthanasia or no, because he is Terri’s loving husband. Loving, huh? Would a loving husband have put Terri’s beloved pet cats to sleep after her brain injury? Would a loving husband date other women, become engaged to another woman, and father two children with this other woman, an act of adultery by any standard? Would a loving husband MELT DOWN TERRI’S WEDDING RING to make it into another piece of jewelry? Would a loving husband deny Terri the right to see ANYONE, including her parents, her brother, and even her priest to give her the Eucharist, an extremely important Holy Sacrament to Catholics like Terri? Would a loving husband refuse to allow Terri to have any rehabilitation? Would a loving husband refuse to allow Terri any chance to try eating food, instead opting to starve her to death when it’s possible that she could swallow food if they tried to feed her? Would a loving husband refuse to allow Terri to receive even the most basic of care – the brushing of her teeth – resulting in some of her teeth becoming rotten? NO.

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