What’s Howard Hiding?


Will Howard Dean’s past come back to haunt him? I had deeply questioned why the Democratic Party would chose someone to be their Party Chair who had so much potential harmful baggage. Just one of those things that make you go hmmm …

The state is appealing a ruling from Superior Court Judge Alan Cook in February of last year saying that 86 boxes of records sealed by Dean when he left office in 2003 are presumed to be open.

Dean, Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz and Attorney General William Sorrell had agreed in a memorandum of understanding as he left office that the records would be sealed for 10 years — the longest period any Vermont governor had asked that records be off-limits.

Howard Dean during his Presidential Democratic Primary run had accused President Bush and Vice President Cheney of hiding behind Executive Privilege. In typical Democratic hypocritical form Howard Dean is doing the same thing that he is accusing others of. Dean initially claimed his actions were done to prevent embarrassment with his future political aspirations, now what’s is he hiding?

Judical Watch had sued to release and open these boxes so that the American public can see what just Dean is hiding. Judicial Watch has argued “that there is no exemption in the state public records law for potential political embarrassment or a thwarting of ambition.” Last February a Vermont State Superior Court agreed with Judicial Watch’s request for the release of these boxes of information.

Oral Arguments will be Heard March 14th to determine the appeal. It begins to make one wonder just what Dean is hiding and just what he had done during his tenure of Governor of Vermont. Dean has been a lighting rod of media attention from his Democratic Primary “up in flames” scream to his comments that he hated Republicans. I had predicted that Dean would never be Chair of the Democratic Party come 2008 because he would do something too embarrassing that they party would need to shed his image. I had counted it would be something he said, not something he wrote. In any event, the release of Dean’s past will be damaging to Dean and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party faces the possible future, that this information that Dean claimed to be sealed so not to hurt his future political aspirations, may actually hurt the entire Democratic Party’s future. Why did they choose Dean again?

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