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The guy who killed the Atlanta Judge, Brian Nichols, is one scary guy. He has nothing to lose as he has already killed a judge. He is a smarter guy, I do not want to call him smart, but smarter than the other your typical criminal.

One of the things we count on is that criminals are typically morons. They tend to commit the same time type of crimes. They tend to try to hide the same way. And they tend to lie the same way. For the police, it is not very exciting work as the criminals are boiler plate.

This Brian Nichols is a smart criminal. The Atlanta Journal Constitution did an article on him today. He attended college, had jobs working in grocery stores, computer technician, and as a security officer. He also had the habit of making many calls on a pay phone. And when he was arrested, he had 10 pounds of pot on him. So we can assume that he is a mid level drug dealer, smart enough to train into many different careers.

He knows enough not to have gotten caught dealing in quantity. If I had to guess, he started using a little too much, got paranoid, and snapped.

He dumped the car he carjacked in the same parking garage. A typical criminal drives it out and parks it down the street from his mamas house. This guy either left on foot, or stole another car. Where is is in downtown Atlanta, he was near a MARTA station, and could have gone in anyone one of four directions. Once we got outside of the city, he could have gone in any direction.

If you see him, or anyone who looks like him, get away and call the authorities. He has nothing to lose. In his mind, any cop who sees him is going to kill him. He has nothing to lose. Be careful.

A Customs Officer in Atlanta was shot and his Pickup Truck Stolen along with his Gun and Badge. The License plate on the truck is APG6121 and it is a Blue Chevrolet. It has not been tied directly to Nichols but it very likely him. AP Story is up.

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