Socialized Medicine, I Thought Everyone Was Provided Healthcare


In a time in which the US is told that their healthcare is problematic and their neighbors to the North’s National Socialized Healthcare system is so much better, we get this gem.

An “overwhelmed” Toronto General Hospital has locked emergency room doors and shooed away ambulances and non-life threatening injuries.

The action is putting patients’ lives at risk, the paramedics union charged, the Toronto Sun said Thursday

“It’s hard to say how long this will last. It’s flu season and things aren’t getting any better,” he said.

The Flu is causing this calamity. First, I thought all patients had to be seen in this system and second, I thought that Canada had a surplus of Flu vaccines and that it was the US who was getting extra ones from Canada. The epidemic of flu was supposed to occur in the US according to the over-reactive partisan Democratic Party and John Kerrry during the elections.

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      [...] omahawk’s Rants All — site admin @ 9:35 am While our system is not perfect, this sucks! Then again, it should come as no surprise. Much like anything in life, when you re [...]

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