It’s a Dog’s Life or Death


You ever wonder what is wrong with present day society? Do you ever just sit back and wonder how things have become so complicated, stressful and difficult. Do you ever just sit back and ask yourself, why do people act like the way they do, why are they so abrupt, rude and selfish?

I love pets like the next person and my 3 cats are dear to me, but this story just made me sit back and say, “you have got to be kidding me.$740,000 for pet’s death Can we collectively say, “ARE YOU INSANE!” Another example of people trying to hit the lottery and Lawyers endearing themselves to all and begging us to push tort reform.

Here are some of the most amazing comments of the story:

“We tried to come up with an offer that had some poetry to it, and that would say in very clear terms to NStar: ‘We don’t want this to keep happening’,”
(Poetry,they tried to come up with an offer that had a lot of zero’s in it.)

The DeVitos said they initially asked for $1.4 million, the size of NStar chief executive Thomas J. May’s most recent annual bonus, but the utility balked.
(Someone needs to explain to me how the CEO’s bonus is relevant to the loss of a dog. Was the dog going to make that much money in its lifetime?)

the family wants a sufficiently harsh financial sanction to force the utility to solve the problem.
(Exactly how is the money they receive going to force anyone to do anything?)

NStar has offered the family $200,000.00 which the family turned down. They turned down $200K!!! The unmitigated greed of this family and their attorney makes me wish that this goes to Court or is settled for the cost of a new dog, vaccinations, a color and a years supply of kibble.

This has nothing to do with the dogs death, this has everything to do with the family trying to hit the lottery.

There is no truth to the rumor that people are going out in droves and buying up dogs and walking them all over Boston in hopes of finding a bare, exposed wire.

Update from the Boston Globe: > More on Cassius can be found here.

Comfort Money, what have we come to?

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    One Response to “It’s a Dog’s Life or Death”

    1. Richard Duke on February 4th, 2007 8:00 am

      Sorry folks but I disagree with your view on this article. I went to the link and it seems that it has happened several times before and that not only animals have be hurt.
      I do believe the Company needs to be taught a lesson and pay a dear price.

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