Bush is not playing around with Syria


From Caroline Glick at the Jerusalem Post

Today the US is on a collision course with Syria. Monday, tipping its hat to international pressure, Syria began a redeployment of its military forces in Lebanon to the eastern Bekaa Valley.

The Bush administration reacted to the announced redeployment plan by bluntly stating that it is insufficient. In so doing the US held to what has been its remarkably consistent policy since the current Lebanese crisis was instigated with the February 14th assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri: Syria must remove not only its entire force of 14,000 troops, but also all its non-uniformed intelligence personnel from Lebanon before the Lebanese elections scheduled for May.

Assad is trying everything that he can to keep his footprint in Lebanon. Unfortunately, he still does not understand the sea changed that has encompassed the Middle East. The dictator and oppressor of Lebanon thinks that if he gives up a little, he can maintain some sort of hold over Lebanon.

He is sadly mistaken.

BEIRUT (AFP) – Up to 150,000 opposition supporters rallied in Beirut three weeks after the murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri as Syria prepared for a troop pullback in Lebanon in the face of international pressure.
Lebanese red-and-white flags and chants of “Syria Out” filled the central Martyrs’ Square as President Emile Lahoud held much anticipated Damascus talks on the promised redeployment to the eastern Bekaa Valley

Organisers of the rally gave a figure of between 200,000 and 250,000.

To the rhythm of tambourines, the protestors then marched the two kilometers (just over one mile) to the seafront site of the bomb attack, brandishing photographs of the public prosecutor and six intelligence chiefs whose dismissal they are demanding over the blast.

“Truth, freedom, national unity,” chanted the crowd.

I am truly amazed that in the strength of the human character. Once the opportunity for freedom presents itself, people will run to it. It is truly breathtaking. I just hope the oppressors realize this and choose not to fight.

A word of advice. Assad, just take your ill gotten wealth and run to France. They will protect you.

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