Google Ad words – Is it a new fraud target?


There is a new concern popping out on the web, and it is click fraud. Seth Godin responds to it here. He talks about a growing army in India that for their work they click Google ads.

Fred Wilson relates a story about a Seth’s son. From :A VCSeth’s 11 year old son asked him “dad, why don’t they just pay people to click the links?”

Now I know Seth’s son is smart – apples don’t fall too far from the trees after all – and soon he’ll figure out that you don’t even need people to click on the links.

And what if you are paying $120 a click for the keyword mesothelioma as this ambulance chaser law firm does?

I am looking to place Google ads soon, and I am afraid that it will be a losing proposition as time goes by. This will be very interesting to follow as time goes by.

Also, I wonder how one can get the term mesothelioma on to show up on their adsense page?

I guess I just did…

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