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I started this weblog a year ago. The site went dormant until my friend Red and I decided to revive it. For old times sake, I found the original post, and want to put it here so that it does not get lost.

Scared Monkeys is a phrase that is apt in today’s United States.
The majority of the population lives in fear of knowing what is happening.

So they…
Hear No evil.
Speak No Evil.
See No evil.

And then live their lives in ignorance, thinking all is well and the world will go along fine. The paycheck will come in every 15th and 30th, even though the company is losing money. Social Security will take care of me, even though it is supposed to go broke someday. Politicians will take care of my needs, even though I don’t know who they are or what they are doing, they have my best interests in hand.

So let’s kiss the wife, open a beer, turn on Entertainment Tonight, and relax. Life is okay.

That is the genesis of Scared Monkeys, because deep in all hearts is fear. That is why we do not look.
Fortunately, I have the annoying habit of looking and asking why?

As 9/11 proved, when really bad things happen the TV goes on the news, people do get scared but also angry. And for a short time while FoxNews or CNN is on, the antenna goes up and they are interested. And all of us who have been following the news need to be ready to tell the correct story.

I wrote this a year ago , and it has been amazing. The blogosphere has held the media accountable. We can see how the media has been forced to look over their shoulders when they write their stories. Heck, they have been branded; The MSM (Mainstream Media).

We are changing the world. One day at a time. Just do not alert the media. Let them find out on their own.

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    1. Red on March 5th, 2005 2:02 am

      We have always been the antithesis of
      Hear No evil.
      Speak No Evil.
      See No evil.

      Many times in our youth it got us in much trouble questioning the powers that be when “they sent us away to teach us how to be logical …” We have questioned why things happen, why things are nor changed when such simple remedies are available.

      Especially after 9-11 Scared Monkey’s was needed more than ever to inform, question and provide accountability. I am glad I could help revive our voice to discuss with so many what we have talked with each other for years.

      Changing the future. One heart at a time. One mind at a time.

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