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The potential McCain – Feingold crackdown on bloggers that I posted about earlier has taken the blogosphere by storm. It is a classic case of unintended consequences. I am personally pleased by the FEC’s stalemate, because it will take the decision out of the hands of the unelected bureaucrats and sycophants. It places the decision in the hands of the people and the elected politicians. There a battle can be waged correctly. Jeff Jarvis will be enthralled by it.

In in true Republic of Texas fashion, in rides the Lone Star Times. This weblog is associated with KSEV 700 AM , an independent radio station. They are researching the potential of accrediting bloggers as reporters for the station. This is a combination of old style reporting, citizen media, and anti establishment hubris. The new conservatism is rising in another way!

Even if it is just a marketing ploy, it is fantastic. They got an instalaunch, and a mention on 100 other blogs, if not more. Heck I will even blogroll them, just to get in line for my potential accredidation…

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