Mike Adams for freedom of speech

Students at University of Alabama rebel against Speech restrictions recommended by their liberal professors. Mike Adams in his Town Hall column illustrates how the student senate has created a proposal that refutes the administration. President Robert Witt of the University of Alabama has not ruled on whether he will accept the professors or students proposal. Read the article and lend a hand.

Here is the proposal by the students. It is an outstanding document that I would love every university to adopt.

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Things you do not want to see before your morning coffee

Via Boing Boing


David Pescovitz: A man in St. Petersburg, Florida lassoed a snake that was poking its head out from his toilet. It turned out that the snake was a six-foot-long African rock python.


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New Member of the Tribe

My good friend who is known through out the internet as Red in a Blue State has joined in to help keep this site lively. We are looking for synergies that sites such as Powerline, Wizbang, Vodkapundit, and the famous Polipundit.

So welcome “Red”.

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Chris Rock

I saw 3 minutes of the Oscars tonight, and unfortunately it was during Chris Rock’s tirade “George Bush should be fired, not rehired”. He was playing to the audience in the theater, but how many TV’s were turned off across America, and how pleased was the ABC and Disney brass? I would love to see a minute by minute Nielsen ratings.

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Amazing Photographs

Here is an amazing collection of COLOR photographs from World War I.

It is much easier to think of the horrors of World War I in a black and white world.

Hat tip Vodkapundit.

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