Poor Jeff Jarvis


He professes to be a liberal. However, the liberals do not want him anymore. The far left have declared war on him, and they are showing no mercy.

This is the death knell (spelling corrected) for the Democrats. The Kos wing has taken over the party and they will turn the Jarvis’s, the thinking Democrats into Republican voters. There is only room in the inn for the fire breathing, hate anything Bush, democrats in the party. It is a shame.

I am a Republican. I was overjoyed that GWB won, but I am very scared. The nature of politics is that sometime the party in power will screw up. Then the other party, no matter how wacky, gets it turn (see Jimmy Carter).

Do we want the modern incarnation of the Democratic Party of Hatred to have the power? Please, Please Moderate Democrats fight for your party. Otherwise, when power does shift, we are going to have one heck of a mess on our hands.

And Jeff, I am a huge fan of yours , and appreciate all that you do. A year ago, I offered a place in the republican party to you. I rescind (spelling corrected) that offer. Please get your party back in order. Help them to see that they are needed to be logical. Not oppressive.

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    4 Responses to “Poor Jeff Jarvis”

    1. Dan on February 27th, 2005 3:41 pm

      As I e-mailed to Jeff, I am a liberal and I think he makes sense. The bashers shouldn’t be bashing. But that said, I saw your link from his page and I have to say a couple things that I also said to him.

      First, do you not see where the anger comes from? We had a centrist in office. For eight years. And he was bashed, slandered, and nearly destroyed by the fanatical and mainstream right. They weren’t happy with this. Republicans cannot act like the Dems are only undesirable because they’ve recently “become wacky” or whatever you like to think. It’s not the case that the GOP will accept a more centrist Democratic Party. And within their own ranks, the GOP is doing the same thing — moderates are being purged at a record rate. So why can’t you see why liberals feel the way they feel?

    2. Tom Royce on February 27th, 2005 7:48 pm


      I think that when you are in the middle in contention times, it is tough, because the true believers get riled up. However, the victriol of the right during the Clinton years is not to the level that it is no against Bush. Of course this is my opinion, and I amnot the most unbiased observer.

      Practically speaking, the left has been losing ground the last 10 years, and to the loyalist, it must be fairly scary. Just over 10 years ago, they had the all the cards. Now they are on the outside looking in, and due to the changing demographics, not much chance of changing the scenery. It is very interesting from a logical point of view, and I think it would be terrible if the democrats eat their own. As this past election cycle has shown, the fringes on both sides are gaining power rapidly.

      And to be honest, this is a point that we both would agree on, but for different reasons. The Right Fringe scares me more than the left fringe. But that is for another post.

    3. debt consolidation on October 3rd, 2005 8:05 pm


    4. Lee Rogers on September 15th, 2006 7:56 am

      Are you sure 23063 about this?!?

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