The Lawrence “Summer’s of Discontent”

William Shakespeare’s Richard III opens with the memorable lines, “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York and all the clouds that lowered upon our house in the deep bosom of the ocean buried.”

However, when it comes to Lawrence Summer’s, Harvard University president, there is no “sun of York,” only the “summer’s” of rising discontent. But wait, is it possible that he may actually be correct?

The firestorm Summer’s has started simply by expressing his Freedom of Speech in an academic setting that is supposed to be about the free flow of ideas and alternative issue debate. For that his job is threatened by the very people who hide behind freedom of speech in academia. Imagine an actual debate on whether “the sexes are equal enough in their intellectual abilities that any biological difference between them is vastly outweighed by social pressures and discrimination.” Or “on the other side are those who believe that biological differences between men and women really can account for at least some of the underrepresentation of women in engineering and some fields of science.”

It would appear that this is entirely what issue debate should be about, not closed minded thinking that something could never be true just because it does not fit one’s agenda. If Liberals academics are doing this to one of their own and he is the President of Harvard, what are they doing to our children in these colleges?

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You Know You Are Getting Old When …

Just when you have forgotten that what seemed to be the unforgettable catch phrase, “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout?!,” it would appear as if the popular ’80′s TV Show, “Diff’rent Strokes” will be made in to a movie.

As funny as the show was in the ’80′s with its senseless comedy of the misadventures of a rich Manhattan family, Philip & Kimberly Drummond, who adopted the children of their late African American maid; the real life stories of what became of Arnold, Willis & Kimberly would make it hard to actually laugh at the movie.

Few people remember that Dana Plato, Kimberly, was actually written out of the series because she became pregnant in 1984 and such an event could never be written in to the script. Only made more sad by her untimely death at such a young age. Then there was Todd Bridge’s version of “I Fought the Law & the Law Won” and Gary Coleman’s struggles with life following the sitcom.

Somehow I just think I would rather see them in re-run syndication and remember my youth as it was than consider a behind the scenes movie, I think they probably have all suffered enough from being child stars.

I will remember them like this.

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Hollywood is seeing Red, Red States that Is.

Just when Hollywood prematurely released their overnight Oscar ratings with all the vigor of an early Kerry Presidential Exit Poll, suddenly they realized that Red States exist and they need to be counted.

The results, 2 million less viewers than last year. What was Hollywood’s epiphany? “The Oscar ceremony was more popular in the big cities than rural areas”. The battle of red and blue states strikes again or should we say red country and blue urban areas. If this came as a surprise to Hollywood then they are more out in left field than we thought. Hollywood’s continual affront to people’s common sense and morals have all but made them a non-entity with red States.

The question arises, why would Hollywood continue to upset more than 1/2 of the country, like the 62 million voters who cast their ballot for GWB when Hollywood is in the business to make money? It would appear to any thinking person that Hollywood and the Oscars lost their greatest opportunity to gain a mass audience by not nominating “The Passion of the Christ” & “Fahrenheit 9-11″ for picture of the year. It would have been a classic good vs evil and God vs Satan, if you will. The media hype prior to the show would have been unprecedented and transcended the typical entertainment shows like E or Access Hollywood and would have been forefront in all media publications and networks.

Oscar missed an opportunity to gain an unheard of 70 to 80 share of the audience had they decided to include the Red State segment of the country. Instead of being about viewership and being in the business of making money as they claim; they opted for political ideology in making a movie about assisted suicide Picture of the Year.

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Glad to be Here

Thank you Tom for inviting me to Scared Monkey’s. It will be great to share ideas in a broad range of topics. Promise it won’t be just politics. :roll: We go so far back that most discussions may have censored and the names changed to protect the innocent. Rumor has it that I am on double secret probation with my posts. It has been rumored in the past that I have been known to be opinionated from time to time.

Thanks again Tom, let the games begin …


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As freedom rings , who will hear the bell

A brilliant post from Stephen Green at Vodkapundit relaying a letter from a Peace Corp volunteer. The volunteer talks about the how the incredible changes occurring in the world toward democracy are affecting the liberal peace corp kids.

Excerpt from the letter:

A friend received an sms message from a Lebanese friend currently in Beirut. The message simply said “God Bless the USA”. We have very limited access to news so we immediately went online and started searching for news about the US. Was there a bombing? What happened?
While I was searching, she was messaging back and finally received a call from him. In Lebanon the news was reporting that Syria was finally pulling troops out. People were having parties to celebrate. People were in the streets shouting “God Bless the USA” and “God Bless George Bush”.

We are truly living in momentous times.

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